Embr Labs Closes $6M Series B


Embr Labs, the breakthrough thermal technology company and creator of the Wave bracelet, today announced $6M in Series B funding led by DigiTx Partners, with participation from Safar Partners, Joyance Partners, Bose Ventures, and PBJ Capital. Embr Labs will use the investment to grow the company’s footprint in wellness and digital therapeutics, accelerate development for the next generation of its core technology platform, and validate new use cases in thermal wellness.

Since the launch of the Wave bracelet in September 2017, Embr has sold tens of thousands of devices to those who desired to harness the restorative power of temperature. Founded by three engineers in a cold lab at MIT, Embr Labs started with a basic insight: temperature impacts the way we feel and if temperature can be personalized and delivered in new formats, then it unlocks the therapeutic power. Embr Labs’ patented technology harnesses the power of thermal sensations to deliver safe, non-invasive, and natural therapies that leverage the body and mind’s natural response to temperature to promote relief from hot flashes, manage stress, and enhance sleep.

Embr Labs’ flagship product, the Wave bracelet, features Embr Labs’ core innovation, its patented thermal waveforms - dynamic temperature sensations that cool or warm temperature-sensitive nerves with algorithmically-designed waves. This technological breakthrough is what makes cooling in a small wearable device possible while reducing power consumption and system size.

“Embr Labs is not only a commercial company defining Thermal Wellness, but also a digital health company with great potential to substantially impact several therapeutic areas,'' said David Kim, M.D., Managing Director of DigiTx Partners. “Moreover, significant real-world evidence can be captured through the Wave devices, which would lead to more personalized and optimal therapy for the users.”

“There are over 330 million women affected by hot flashes, 2.5 billion people dealing with stress-related issues and 1.5 billion people experience sleep discomfort,” said Elizabeth Gazda, Embr Labs CEO. “With the backing and expertise of the new and existing investors, we have the potential to improve our technology to substantially impact lives. The Series B funding will accelerate the development of our core technology platform and help us realize our thermal wellness vision.”

Along with the funding, Embr Labs is rebranding to align the company’s design and tone with its new thermal wellness ethos. Built upon two foundational pillars: Care for People and Scientific Rigor - the new design highlights the company’s focus on using thermal science to improve self-care. The Embr Labs name, which stands for Environment-Mind-Body-Resonance, remains unchanged. The new brand identity rolls out today across the company website, packaging, and mobile app.

About Embr Labs
Embr Labs is the first thermal wellness technology company and maker of the Wave, an intelligent bracelet that helps you feel colder or warmer by 5ºF. Despite only being sold in the United States, the Wave is being used in over 140 countries. The company's patented technology harnesses the power of thermal sensations to deliver a brand new category of safe, non-invasive, and natural therapies that leverage the body and mind's natural response to temperature to help people feel more comfortable, fall asleep faster, and be less stressed. Embr Labs was founded by MIT-trained engineers and is backed by investors including DigiTx Partners, Bose Ventures and Joyance Partners.

About DigiTx Partners

DigiTx Partners is a venture firm exclusively focused on investing in and supporting early-stage startup companies in the digital health space. DigiTx targets data-driven technologies that produce proprietary data or leverage intelligent use of available data to generate competitive insights, improve patient outcomes, or increase efficiencies. We have a team of physicians, data scientists, and pharma executives that aim to invest in early ideas and solutions without losing sight of the need to solve real problems that exist in healthcare.

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