Green Mountain CBD Raises $7M from One Better Ventures


Green Mountain CBD, a vertically integrated organic hemp grower and manufacturer of high quality cannabidiol (CBD) products, announced today that it has raised $7 million in new funding from One Better Ventures LLC, a Raleigh, NC-based impact investor and advisor whose partners are known for their work with Burt’s Bees® and Seventh Generation®. The funding will be used to increase production capacity, expand distribution and accelerate growth by making product more accessible. The investment is a minority stake in the company which will rebrand itself as SunSoil™ in early 2019.

“One Better Ventures has a track record of growing consumer products businesses, developing trusted brands, and helping companies fulfill their mission. In our case, that means to provide the best natural wellness to the most people through our organically farmed, processed and manufactured products,” said Alejandro Bergad, CEO of Green Mountain CBD. “My partner, Jacob, and I are glad to have OBV join us to provide capital and share their expertise as partners.”

“We believe in the potential for hemp-based products,” said John Replogle, partner at One Better Ventures. “In SunSoil, we found a team who are committed equally to quality and affordability. Their approach to farming hemp and processing CBD yields a product with great integrity and superior value.”

The capital infusion will scale up farming and production to meet surging demand and will enable growth in eComerce and through leading retailers of herbal supplements.

Green Mountain CBD will re-brand as SunSoil CBD™ beginning in 2019.

SunSoil aims to rise above hype and embellishment to connect people to the true wisdom of plants. SunSoil believes in the connectedness of plants, production and people and is constantly evolving to work better together.

About Green Mountain CBD

Founded in 2015 by Alejandro Bergad and Jacob Goldstein in Hardwick, VT, Green Mountain CBD is owned by Skyview Naturals, LLC. Our focus on ethical and organic farming practices, lipid extraction processing, and affordable pricing result in products of extraordinary value. We will transition to the SunSoil brand name in 2019.

About One Better Ventures

One Better Ventures works with exceptional entrepreneurs to unlock potential and build an inspired community to do well and good. We partner with distinctive consumer brands that aim to have a positive impact on the world. We advise and invest in companies who are entering a rapid growth phase. We work as aligned, principled, and patient investors and operating partners. Do well. Do good. Do One Better.

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