ROMTech Offers Groundbreaking Rehabilitation Device Helping Thousands


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ROMTech ® continues to focus on creating groundbreaking rehabilitation devices. While they’ve already helped thousands of patients bounce back from knee surgery, Peter Arn, CEO of the company and his team hope to make telemedicine technology available to more and more patients.

Since its beginnings, ROMTech ® has focused on quality service and products in the telemedicine technologies space. They have developed innovative solutions that not only provide fast results but are affordable and save time.

From the outset, one of ROMTech’s ® goals has been to educate medical professionals about the company’s rehabilitation solution, the PortableConnect ®. Proving the efficacy of the data-driven solution to medical professionals is a top priority.

The PortableConnect ® is prescribed to patients who have the opportunity to see how this revolutionary technology can improve their quality of life. It proves to be one of the best opportunities for those looking to save money, reduce the number of in-person appointments, and receive the highest level of care they need for knee rehabilitation.

Visit the ROMTech ® website to learn more about what they provide and how someone could benefit from their products. They also have several testimonials from patients and medical professionals on the website, making it easy to hear from the thousands who’ve already tried it.

About Peter Arn, CEO of ROM Technologies ™ Inc.

Peter Arn is the CEO and co-founder of ROMTech ®. ROMTech ® currently offers the PortableConnect ® for knee rehabilitation, which has been revolutionizing the telemedicine technologies industry. Within two weeks, people can start seeing significant changes in their recovery from major surgery.

For those interested in taking advantage of the many benefits that ROMTech ® technology provides, a prescription from a doctor or surgeon is required. Then patients can manage their rehabilitation from the comfort of their home with no need to physically visit any medical facility.

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