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Jeff Nolte, President and CEO of CTS in Millersville, MD

Many in the security field focus on securing data networks against hackers and viruses, but many voice conversations require the highest level of protection too.

For government agencies and contractors or enterprises that need to safeguard Intellectual Property, the ability to discuss sensitive information in full confidence that it will not be overheard or intercepted is of paramount importance.

This is where a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility – comes in. This is typically a purpose-built room in a building or portable enclosure, where sensitive phone conversations can take place in complete privacy. SCIFs are accredited for use by the Federal government with standards defined by the defense and intelligence communities.

TSG-6 certified phones that provide encryption are used in SCIFs to guarantee the privacy of your voice conversations from eavesdroppers.

CTS secure communication capabilities provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

  • Secure, Encrypted Phones
  • SCIF Design and Build
  • Field-tested, Secure Infrastructure
  • STP / Fiber / Hybrid Cabling
  • Wire-ways / Conduit / Transport
  • Cabinets / MDF / Communications Closet
  • PoE or standalone power options
  • Station Drops
  • Labeling / Inspection / Administration

If your business depends on the safe discussion of sensitive information, the experts at CTS can implement SCIFs and supply secure phones to make it happen: 800.787.4848 or

Jeff Nolte is President and CEO of CTS, a leading Voice and IT services provider based in Millersville, Maryland. He may be reached at (800) 787-4848 or Visit:

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