Eric Blue Shares Nevly Insights during IdeaMensch Interview


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Nevly CEO Eric Blue recently sat down for an in-depth interview with IdeaMensch. Answering 15 questions related to entrepreneurship and Nevly’s business plan, readers get a detailed look at how the CEO's mind works and what’s expected down the road.

The first part of the interview focuses on how Nevly came to be a company. Launched in 2021, Blue details how his childhood struggles motivated him to utilize technology to help others create better financial health.

There were many times early on in Blue's life when he witnessed first-hand how financial struggles and spiraling debt can impact an entire family. Without any help to turn to, the cycle continues and worsens in most cases.

Aside from learning how Nevly was started, Eric Blue is asked about productivity, like many other IdeaMensch interviewees.

Blue tells readers that he uses methods such as the Hybrid 2.0 working model, Lean Campus, and Company North Star to improve productivity.

Eric Blue Nevly seems to have excellent faith in where his company is going but knows it takes time. His belief in new age finance and how it has the chance to change the consumer experience entirely is apparent in many of his answers during the interview.

He admits there’s still work to do, specifically with Nevly’s mobile app, to get the company where he wants it to be. Its promise is what continues to motivate him.

In the final part of the interview, readers get a chance to learn a little bit more about Eric Blue outside of his entrepreneurship endeavors. This part of the interview gives people a glimpse of how his mind works.

This is one of the most in-depth interviews ever posted with Eric Blue. He's spent a lot of time and energy building up Nevly and preparing for different product launches, and now he's getting the time to share his story.

Nevly has a chance to evolve into a leading quality financial health company, helping people of all different backgrounds. Learning about the early stages of development from the CEO provides a new look.

IdeaMensch is a platform that interviews business minds and entrepreneurs worldwide. Readers can learn about how entrepreneurs think and bring their ideas to life through detailed answers.

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