5 Things That Can Easily Damage Your Artificial Grass


Summer is in full swing and that means more time spent outdoors enjoying your beautiful artificial turf! However, there are a few things you should avoid doing if you want to keep your lawn looking its best. Here are 5 things that can easily damage your artificial grass:

Walking on your grass when it's wet: this can cause the blades to bend and break

Walking on artificial grass when it's wet can be an artificial turf installation disaster waiting to happen! The blades, which are already quite fragile, will bend and break with just the slightest pressure. To avoid ruining your artificial turf installation altogether, it's best to stick to walking on your artificial grass when it's dry - or risk leaving footprints behind!

Spilling oil or grease on your grass: this can stain the blades and make them look dirty

Such a mishap can leave your lawn with an unwanted reminder of your slip-up – greasy blades. It's best to steer clear of any type of oil or chemical on artificial grass, as it can permanently stain the blades and take away that velvety texture we all love so much. So remember, when you have that burger or grilled chicken, keep those oily fingers away. You'll thank us later!

Leaving sharp objects lying around on your grass: these can puncture holes in the blades

Forget that proverb about "mowing the lawn" - if you have artificial grass, leaving sharp objects lying around is a surefire way to cause problems down the line. Tiny stones, sticks, and even leaves can be potential culprits when it comes to puncturing holes in your grass blades - so remember to tidy up after yourself and keep an eye out for those pesky sharp objects! Playtime may never be quite as carefree again, but hey – the long-term health of your grass will thank you for it.

Allowing pets to urinate on your grass - the acidic urine can damage the blades and roots

Letting your four-legged friend urinate on your lawn isn't just bad for the grass itself, it's also damaging for your wallet too! Pet urine on artificial turf can be especially damaging; acidic urine eats away at the grass blades and may cause irreparable damage to forming roots. Don't ruin the beauty of your grass, or the peace of mind that comes from having a quality lawn will be gone.

Not cleaning up after yourself: leaving garbage or food scraps on your grass can attract pests like rats and cockroaches

One of the biggest "no-nos" when it comes to taking care of your artificial grass is not cleaning up after yourself. If you're just having a picnic in the backyard with some friends, make sure to collect all your food scraps and garbage when you're done. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with some unwanted guests - think rats and cockroaches scurrying around your lawn! So, clean up after yourself and keep your artificial grass looking neat and tidy.

Maintaining artificial grass and keeping it looking pristine is easy if you follow these simple tips, and it can help extend the life of your lawn. Remember, walking on wet grass can cause the blades to bend, grease and oil can stain them, sharp objects can puncture holes in them, pets' urine causes acid damage, and leaving garbage or food scraps around the area attracts pests. In other words - tread light, be mindful of what you contribute or discard and always clear up after yourself when you’re finished with your outdoor playtime! Looking after our outdoor spaces is a small reminder that we are also taking care of our planet.

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