Cliently Raises $1M Seed Round


Cliently, a company that provides automated sales engagement and lead generation, has announced a new $1M round in seed funding. This current round is led by Active Capital and also includes Altair, who’s invested in other prominent tech start ups such as PandaDoc, where Cliently CEO and Founder Spencer Farber was a Director of Sales. With the latest funding, Cliently has hired a new CTO, Huey Ly, a former senior engineer of other San Antonio based tech titans including Rackspace and Mailgun. The most recent round is Cliently’s largest to date.

The recent financing highlights the increased startup activity, resources, and momentum currently in San Antonio. Farber recently moved from Myrtle Beach to San Antonio. “I love the startup ecosystem in San Antonio, especially how supportive the community is,” Farber added. “We have seen our revenue grow by 250% over the last couple of months since moving here.”

Utilizing personalized emails, videos, and physical mail leads to higher engagement, but current solutions aren’t scalable or tailored to everyday small businesses. “While Director at PandaDoc, I found that I was piecing together all of the tools needed to create an effective sales process,” said Farber. “Most small businesses lack large marketing budgets and aren’t going to stack specialized sales tools,” adds Pat Matthews, Founder and CEO of Active Capital.

Cliently solves this problem by being the complete sales engagement platform for small businesses. “I wanted to create a solution that any sales or marketing team could easily deploy in minutes, not weeks or months,” says Farber. With Cliently’s sales engagement platform, customers can search targeted premium contacts and send personalized:

In the Sales engagement space, apps such as and Salesloft are bringing automation to Enterprise businesses, while Cliently aims to bring automation to small businesses. In the hyper-competitive world of engaging prospects, Cliently is focused on helping small and medium businesses increase conversions and drive more sales by giving them all the tools they need at their fingertips. Cliently also integrates with most major CRM’s, empowering sales reps from within their own database.

“We’ve already added video and physical elements. What’s next? Interactivity in your Inbox. We have something brand new we’ll be looking to release next quarter,” Farber added. “It’s really different. And most important, super engaging!”

About Cliently
Cliently’s sales platform engages prospects with hyper personalized emails, video messages, postcards, handwritten notes, and gifts. With simple, but powerful flow creation, businesses can create automated cadences or send instant actions in under 60 Seconds. Streamline sales by searching for targeted contacts in our premium database that can be easily added to flows to increase engagement by over 50%. To learn more, please visit

About Active Capital

Active Capital is a venture firm designed to lead seed rounds for B2B SaaS companies. The firm is founded by Pat Matthews, co-founder and former CEO of, a B2B SaaS company that was ranked #217 on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America and sold to Rackspace in 2007. Active Capital is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas and invests in B2B SaaS companies in cities across America. To learn more, please visit

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