LightScapes by Haiiileen, An Illuminating Exhibition about the Wonder of Light Haiiileen


The Young At Art Museum located in South Florida is pleased to announce the opening of LightScapes on November 3rd, the first solo museum exhibition by Haiiileen, one of Miami’s most dynamic, emerging, interdisciplinary artists, presented by FPL SolarNow.

Guests are invited to explore an illuminated world where colors and sounds are synchronized to give the viewer a multisensory, otherworldly experience. This immersive exhibition will serve as the debut of three new and recontextualized light sculptures and a hands-on fabrication lab, designed to transform spectators into participants by handing them the controls to manipulate light and alter its interaction with materials throughout the space. With a strong emphasis on concepts such as color theory, refraction, reflection and the optical illusions light can create against various materials, this innovative exhibition will provide a STEAM learning approach as visitors interact with each sculpture and the surrounding environment. The exhibit will include:

Aqua, a towering, illuminated wall installation consists of individual, 3D acrylic collages arranged in a grid, each serving as a time capsule memorializing a definitive moment in the artist’s life working in the music, art, and fashion industries. The installation is enhanced by the gallery’s uniquely angled architecture which allows the work to physically impose itself over the participant as they change the colors of each collage through a remote controlled, synesthetic application within the grid.

Amaziiing, is a one-of-a-kind multi-leveled environment that asks visitors to enter to fully experience. This enveloping labyrinth includes three tiers; a mylar fringe canopy, creating a sweeping illusion guiding participants through the maze, translucent walls comprised of unique marbleized acrylic sculptures hypnotizing participants throughout their journey, and lights illuminating each panel which create ephemeral reflections off the metallic trimming hanging overhead.

HaiiiMobile, is a kinetic sculpture comprised of over two hundred floating acrylic light sculptures in constant motion. Visitors can gaze up from a transportive viewing area made of custom reflective seating allowing viewers to find tranquility as they get lost in an illusion of time and space.

Fab Lab, is a hands on fabrication lab serving as the nucleus for interactive, educational programming throughout the duration of the exhibition. Visitors are welcomed to build with materials and tools provided inside of the lab and are encouraged to create their own light-based experiments. By learning through an innovative STEAM method which combines science, technology, engineering and math participants are able to gain a deeper understanding of the exhibition and principles behind Haiiileen’s art practice.

Aileen Quintana, known as Haiiileen, is a first-generation Cuban-American and Miami native. As an emerging force in the Miami contemporary art scene she is known for her distinct use of light as a means to transform large venues, creating spaces for artistic expression and social engagement. She has recently exhibited in the newly constructed world-class Frost Science Museum in Downtown Miami and the Bass Museum in Miami Beach. Currently one of south Florida’s most promising young artists, she began her initial breakthrough as a highly successful and prolific makeup artist and set designer working on over three hundred fashion shows including as a beauty director for Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Lanvin, The Blonds, Manish Arora, Minimal Animal, and Chole. She has been commissioned to create installations for Diesel, The W Hotel, Soho House, Mac Cosmetics, Perrier, Funkshion, Redbull, Vogue Magazine. She was privately commissioned for projects with New York fashion week, L.A. Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Cannes Film Festival, and iii Points Music Festival. She has worked as an artist with MTV, Sony Music, NBC/Universal, Ch.4 Tokyo, and Televisa. After working over ten years within the fashion and media industries, Haiiileen marked her transition into the world of art through interdisciplinary experimental installations and she continues to apply a diverse skill set while developing new techniques. Recently, Haiiileen has developed a new method for acrylic marbleization and has been learning how to chrome; both new skills will be on display in her upcoming exhibition, LightScapes.

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