On Social, And On I-95, Fayetteville Personifies America


“Way-stop” tourism campaign targets car-trippers headed somewhere else.

Breaking this month, a video campaign for the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, created by The Republik, Raleigh, takes a patriotic approach to promoting tourism. So patriotic, in fact, that tourism (or “visit” or “stay” or “come”) is never mentioned, nor are any attractions shown.

Because basically, there aren’t any. Fayetteville, a military town, does not have the attractions to make it a “destination.” It does, though, have a reputation for patriotism and the campaign aims to build on that to make the town an appealing stop-over, for a meal, or maybe the night (“a two-night stay would be a home run,” says executive creative director Robert Shaw West), for travelers on the I-95 corridor, perhaps on their way to Florida.

In nine short (approximately 45-second) videos, George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Lady Liberty, each in his or her own (silly) way, stands for an American value that you might like to feel more of yourself. George says “be fearless” (like the young girl who jumps from a diving board as he swims below). Abe says “be peaceful” (he does yoga). And Ms. Liberty, an outsider with a very American joie de vivre, wants you to “be free” (as she sure seems while line dancing or riding a mechanical bull). The campaign is titled “America Groupies.” See it here: visitfayettevillenc.com/americagroupies

The videos, targeting young car travelers, 25 – 40, from the Northeast corridor and west to Cincinnati and Chicago, are supported by promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter. They are designed to be shared by local bloggers (especially military moms and spouses), area businesses and social media audiences any time a humorous, patriotic view might be relevant. Also, the three online characters will Tweet and post under the @AmericaGroupies handle (The Republik will write). They will engage especially with large news and celebrity accounts.

Additional characters, after the are planned. (Did you know that of America’s 15 Fayettevilles, Fayetteville, N.C. is the only one visited by their heroic namesake, the Marquis de Lafayette?)

The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private, not-for-profit organization responsible for positioning Cumberland County, N.C. as a destination for conventions, tournaments and individual travel. VisitFayettevilleNC.com

The Republik is a Raleigh-based, employee-owned advertising/branding agency. Other clients include the Bayer, Hilton Curio Collection, International Zinc Association, Organic Transit, Modern Surfaces, FHI (Frieght Handlers Incorporated), Hanwha L&C?Surfaces, Alamo Drafthouse, 21c Museum Hotel, Boy Scouts of America Occoneechee Council, First Flight Venture Center and The Franklin. therepublik.net

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