BuildGroup Raises $330M


BuildGroup, a company that selectively invests in leadership teams with staying power, today announced it has raised $330 million. BuildGroup’s investors are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders from Texas and the Rocky Mountains, with the founders contributing a significant portion of the overall funds. The capital will be used to invest in software companies with ambitiously humble leadership teams who are aiming for long-term success. BuildGroup plans to deploy the funds over the next five years to back approximately 10 emerging software companies.

BuildGroup was founded in 2015 by Rackspace alumni Lanham Napier, Jim Curry and Klee Kleber, and Pete Freeland from General Catalyst. BuildGroup was designed as a holding company instead of a venture capital fund to free entrepreneurs from the expectations of quick exits, allowing their companies to pursue long-term greatness. BuildGroup invests as a permanent source of capital and has developed unique intellectual property to support emerging growth companies.

Building a great company requires a talented and committed core leadership team to be in place from the early days. BuildGroup believes companies deserve to have the same in their investor base, so the company invests permanent capital for the long haul. BuildGroup’s Builders work side-by-side with executive teams to amplify the impact of invested capital by employing proven strategic models and operational playbooks. BuildGroup exists so gritty leadership teams have a core group of investors that go the distance and help them achieve their full potential.

“Venture Capital works for some but not for all. Five-year horizons are designed for growth at-all-costs and quick exits. We provide permanent capital from aligned investors that really get it, which means no forced exits,” said Lanham Napier, co-founder and chief executive officer, BuildGroup. “We want to serve the teams that build great companies, and we believe that greatness resides at the intersection of a company’s people, product, customers, culture, and business model. The magic happens when these elements are designed to reinforce each other.”

BuildGroup has already deployed $57 million of its $330 million capital base across four investments. Currently, portfolio companies include CDSC, Anaconda, Fiix, and Valkyrie Labs. All of them are tackling large, complicated problems for Fortune 1000 organizations and government agencies, spanning everything from new approaches to sustainability to navigating heavily regulated industries.

The best companies in the world are built, not bought. To learn more about BuildGroup please visit

About BuildGroup:

BuildGroup is a company that selectively invests in leadership teams with staying power. We back founders who are ambitious enough to want to make a dent in the universe and humble enough to realize they can’t do it alone.

By providing permanent capital from aligned investors and avoiding forced exits, BuildGroup frees entrepreneurs to focus on serving customers instead of raising the next round. We believe that great businesses are built, not bought, and that’s why our team works side-by-side with founders to create conditions for long-term growth.

BuildGroup was founded in Austin, Texas by a team of proven builders who love nothing more than helping build and grow extraordinary companies.

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