Giving Rye Street Tavern An Authentic Feel And Jobs For Baltimore Artisans


In an effort to help tradespeople enter the workforce, Baltimore-based Patrick Sutton commissioned The Foundery to create furniture and accent pieces for Rye Street Tavern, a new Baltimore local bar and restaurant adjacent to Sagamore Spirit distillery that opened Summer 2017. The Foundery was built with the goal to encourage the creative community with access to industrial-grade tools and knowledge and to provide a safe and accessible makers’ space for Baltimore artisans to gather, learn, build, and teach.

“We’re big believers in The Foundery’s mission of training a workforce,” Sutton told i+s. “We have a number of projects that are associated with [Plank Industries’ Sagamore Ventures], the ownership involved with The Foundery. When it came time to execute, it made perfect sense to take an opportunity to employ the craftsmen from The Foundery to fabricate some of the designs we were generating and create teachable moments. Everyone wins when someone can learn and we can execute something we design.”

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