AccelFoods Expands Second Fund to $35M


AccelFoods, the investment fund known for curating emerging food and beverage brands, announced today the expansion of its second fund to $35M. Created in partnership with several leading corporates, the newly expanded fund will further drive food and beverage innovation to the next level by offering promising startups unprecedented access to industry resources in addition to increased investment capital.

AccelFoods’ newest investments include organic craft fountain soda company, Tractor Soda Co; organic aloe vera beverage company, Aloe Gloe; plant-based fresh protein beverage, Koia; non-GMO chocolate-based supplement makers Good Day Chocolate; and Bou, manufacturers of non-GMO and gluten-free bouillon cubes. AccelFoods portfolio companies are already benefitting from the expanded fund and the increased access to expertise across operations, finance, sales, and marketing.

“The AccelFoods organization continually seeks to bring together the key drivers in the food industry; manufacturers, distribution agents, retailers, and investors; all joining forces in an unprecedented willingness to cooperate,” says AccelFoods Co-Founder and Managing Partner Jordan Gaspar. “Our expanded resources will have considerable impact on the next generation of food and beverage products being introduced to consumers.”

Added AccelFoods Co-Founder and Managing Partner Lauren Jupiter, “Thanks to this newly expanded fund, comprised of many of the brightest minds and most progressive organizations in the food and beverage industry, AccelFoods is now able to propel the growth of our portfolio companies faster and further than ever before.”

AccelFoods began investing in sub-$500K companies out of its original $4M fund in 2014. It quickly grew in both prominence and investing power, backing companies achieving up to $5M+ in revenue out of a $20M fund just two years later. This increased pool of capital and expertise created by the expanded $35M fund will further bridge the gap between the innovative thinking and authentic entrepreneurship of emerging startups in the food industry and the genuine resources needed to scale these products to the highest level of growth.


Accelfoods invests in disruptive food and beverage companies, providing its portfolio with industry access, expertise, and infrastructure to propel innovation and fuel growth.

The Fund works with founders to bridge the gap between their innovative thinking and the resources needed to scale to the highest levels of growth. To learn more, please visit

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