One More Company Acquires Evercontact


One More Company, the 13-month young company which has launched Senders and Trackbuster, has acquired Paris-based contact syncing innovator Evercontact. As part of the transaction, One More Company received new investments from AXAStrategic Ventures and Aurinvest.

"Adding Evercontact's technical team, customers, and assets to what we already are building is an opportunistic acquisition for us so early on," said Florian Seroussi, Co-founder, and CEO of New York City-based One More Company. "Evercontact will remain a standalone service. As a result of the acquisition, it will rapidly boost the growth of our flagship service Senders as we leverage the strengths of the combined customer base. With the additional experience and depth being added to our technical and sales teams, we can now build out more strategic partnerships and put greater efforts behind B2B sales efforts, both in Europe and North America, far sooner than anticipated."

Combined, Evercontact, Senders and Trackbuster products will now have 100,000 active users, with over 300,000 installations combined as of July 31, 2016. Together the three services process 3.5 million emails per day and manage the information of over four million contacts, all on a real-time, up-to-date basis. The companies also have five patents issued or pending in the US and worldwide, along with various trademarks and other intellectual property developed over the past eight years.

"The addition of Evercontact's intellectual property, customers and technical team, means executing on our vision sooner, by enriching the level of expertise that is working day-to-day on our mobile-oriented email-intelligence and information-management solutions that improve the lives of businesses and consumers," Seroussi added.

As a mobile-first, technology-based startup, the acquisition increases One More Company's technology team to eleven computer science Ph.D's, with 4 holding degrees in Natural Language Processing from leading universities.

"Combining the knowledge and skill set of Evercontact, with One More Company's very seasoned technology and management teams, enables us to move more deeply into the growing network information management sector that we're tackling," said Seroussi. "The Evercontact acquisition also allows us to scale more rapidly. Their staff complements the existing team's experience across multiple disciplines that span natural language processing, email parsing and processing, building a network graph, data privacy, security, and information management that were previously at market leaders Google, Twitter, IBM and Facebook."

Senders is the only integrated solution that works flawlessly on mobile. Recent reports show that a majority of email Is opened on a smartphone or tablet. 86% of emails in Q1 2016 were opened on a mobile device, according to EmalMonday, a leading online authority on the subject which highlighted "The Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index" for Q1 2016.

"Unlike the acqui-hires that have been occurring in the early stage startup world, the acquisition of Evercontact was about more than just adding their experienced technical team," said Seroussi. "Equally important was the company's intellectual property and battle-tested technology, a feature set that is very complimentary to both Senders and Trackbuster; and the enterprise-focused customer base. Taken together, it's a natural fit that allows us to grow faster and serve businesses and individual users better."

With the acquisition, the combined company will operate out of its New York headquarters opposite the Empire State Building, while having the Paris office serve as its European hub.

"We have seen what the One More Company team has done with Senders and Trackbuster, and also marveled at the ingenuity of the Evercontact team over the years," said Minh Tran, General Partner at Axa Strategic Ventures. "With the two companies joining, we see the combined talents driving innovation and rapid growth surrounding network information management."

Geoffroy Bragadir, Managing Partner at Aurinvest added, "as one of One More Company's earliest investors it's great to see the speed at which their team has progressed with Senders and Trackbuster. By acquiring Evercontact, another fast moving, earlier player in the sector, the company is accelerating their timetable dramatically, and far sooner than anticipated. From an early stage investor perspective, that is exactly the type of action that is needed in today's rapidly changing digital economy."

About Evercontact

Evercontact is an email software startup bringing natural language processing to email and contact management. Based in San Francisco, CA and Paris, France, Evercontact was launched in 2014 by a team of experienced developers and linguistic engineers.

Evercontact is an auto-updating address book for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Salesforce and more. The service automatically updates contact information based on user emails.

About One More Company, Inc.

One More Company, Inc. is a U.S. corporation headquartered in New York City and founded by seasoned executives with decades of experience in Silicon Valley, at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and IBM. It has offices in New York and Paris.

Senders is the latest product from One More Company. It functions like Caller ID for email by providing the recipient more information about the sender right in the email, so it works everywhere, regardless of app, platform, and device. Senders™ is a patent-pending service designed and securely hosted in the US.

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